Screen grab from a video produced to highlight Pelee Island.Screen grab from a video produced to highlight Pelee Island.

New Video Showcases Pelee Island (Video)

A new video will showcase the unique qualities of Pelee Island to people across the province.

The 6-minute short shows a couple exploring different aspects of the island, including bed and breakfasts, the winery, and bike paths.

Pelee Island Mayor Rick Masse feels the video represents the community well. "I know the video is short, but it really does the island justice of all the possibilities that can happen."

It cost $20,000 to produce, funded by Tourism Windsor-Essex Pelee Island, the Township of Pelee, and the Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation. TWEPI CEO Gordon Orr says the goal is to get more people visiting Pelee Island. "If we do that, then we are successful. The more people that visit the island the better it is for the island and the entire region."

It will be shown on the ferries heading to the Island, at OnRoute centres across the province, and at the Ontario village during the Pan Am Games.

30-second teaser video:

6-minute version of the video:

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