A Smart Meter (BlackburnNews.com file photo by Melanie Irwin)A Smart Meter (BlackburnNews.com file photo by Melanie Irwin)

Essex Power Ranks Among The Best

Essex Power Lines says innovation means it has among the lowest electricity rates in the province.

General Manager Joe Barile says EPL is ranked 16th of 71 distributors across Ontario, while Hydro One, which also services Amherstburg, is 66th.

Barile says EPL continues trying to buy Hydro-One assets because one side of the street is more efficient than the other, adding "we're constantly engaging Hydro One -- to benefit the consumer."

Barile told Amherstburg Town Council Monday night, Essex Power's rate has jumped an average of $5 since 2005, compared to Hydro One's $50 increase during the same 11-year period.

Barile says it is difficult to say whether the Amherstburg area will ever be rid of Hydro One, adding "Hydro One is a different animal then it was ten years ago."

"It's not a publicly-owned hydro company, it has private interests, and is driven by private interests now and public interests," says Barile.

Essex Power Corporation CEO, Raymond Tracey says EPL has smart devices throughout the system to manage the grid more effectively and save customers money.


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