Photo of the gates at Jackson Park courtesy of the City of Windsor.Photo of the gates at Jackson Park courtesy of the City of Windsor.

Petition To Reconsider $3M Holiday Light Display

The man who initiated a petition calling on Windsor City Council to reconsider a $3-million holiday light display in Jackson Park wants to clarify a few things.

"I think there's been some misleading information, on my part that what I'm trying to do is have all this money moved -- to the flood victims and this is all for the flood," Brent Henderson says. "I'm not one to say where the money should go, but I believe there is nothing wrong with council reopening the conversation and talking a bit more about it with the public."

Henderson believes ten days was not enough time to notify the public the proposal was going up for discussion before the council.

He says he initiated the petition Tuesday morning before the worst of the rain this week hit the city. However, he says understands if council's timing has angered some in the community.

"Thinking about well, where is my money really going after what just happened to my house," says Henderson.

In just two days, more than 4,000 people signed the petition, and Henderson admits he is surprised it has attracted so much attention.

While he thinks the money could be used to bolster infrastructure spending, Henderson says it may not be the only place the city could use it.

"That money could make a lot of difference in a lot of people's lives," he says.

Henderson says he might present council with the petition at a later meeting.

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