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Windsor woman scores role in first feature-length film (Video)

Wendy German has a long list of television credits, but the Windsor woman is about to add a feature-length film to her resume.

In 'Clash', she plays a Canadian mother with a big secret.


"My agent sent me a breakdown and said, 'hey, do you want to go to Toronto for this?' I was living in Windsor at the time," she said. "They auditioned me, and I knew something was happening because as soon as I finished, the director looked at me and said, 'can you do that again?' So, I did it again, and then he jumped out from behind the table and was giving me all these directions. That doesn't usually happen at an audition."

The film, a Nigerian-Canadian production, will premiere on Netflix Nigeria on May 18.

Filmed in Toronto in 2017 and 2018, it is the story of a Nigerian family that moves to Canada. At the heart of the conflict is the son's love affair with a beautiful Canadian woman. The family does its best to adjust to Canadian culture while maintaining its Nigerian ties.

Donna, played by German, is the mother of the Canadian love interest.

Nollywood Mega-Star Pascal Atuma plays a central role but also directs the film. German worked with him previously on a short film called 'Sweet Revenge' which won Kevin Hart's Just For Laughs Eat My Shorts Film Festival in 2018.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has impacted the rollout of 'Clash.'

"We were set to premiere in Nigeria on May 8 last year, so that was cancelled," she said. "There was also supposed to be a premiere here in Toronto, and they were talking about one in London, England. That is all off the table. That is how we ended up going direct to Netflix."

Fans of Windsor director Daniel James Pyke might also recognize German from his short horror film, 'The Acrylic', which won multiple awards.

German started her acting career locally at the Windsor Light Music Theatre where she performed in 'Bye Bye Birdie', 'The King and I', and 'Legally Blonde.'

However, you may know her from the small screen where she has several acting credits 'Haunted Case Files', 'Web of Lies', 'Paranormal 911', and 'Paranormal Night Shift.' She will also appear in upcoming episodes of 'Paranormal Hotline and Homicide: Hours to Kill.'

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