Windsor Police officer cleared in chase that reached speeds of 175 km/h

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit has discontinued its probe into a high-speed chase that ended with a crash on the city's residential streets.

Last June, a Windsor Police officer was on the E.C. Row Expressway when he noticed a motorcycle with an improperly mounted license plate.

When he tried to pull the motorcycle over, the driver took off at a high rate of speed, initiating a police chase that reached 175 km/h at times.

It ended on Tourangeau Road at Milloy Street when the driver hit a No Parking sign, lost control, was ejected from the bike, and skidded three metres on the pavement.

Initially, it was believed the suspect suffered only minor injuries. However, a medical evaluation at Windsor Regional Hospital's Ouellette Campus showed a broken toe and a fractured pelvis.

Although the high rate of speed through residential streets was a concern for SIU investigators, the investigation concluded at no time was the public placed in danger. Director Joe Martino also ruled there was "no reasonable grounds to believe the subject officer conducted himself other than lawfully through the engagement with the complainant."

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