Art Windsor Essex's Gallery. Photo provided by Art Windsor Essex. Art Windsor Essex's Gallery. Photo provided by Art Windsor Essex.

A new identity for Windsor's art museum

Windsor-Essex's top art gallery has gone with a new name, new branding, and a new attitude.

The gallery on Riverside Drive West is now known as Art Windsor Essex, which will also encompass everything about the gallery. The new name also includes a rebranding and a new colour scheme.

“In a world that’s changing faster than ever, art is there to interpret the moment," said Art Windsor Essex Executive Director Jennifer Matotek in a media release. "Questioning, investigating, playing, challenging ideas, and creating change."

The rebranding comes after a lengthy process during which over 200 community members and art experts provided feedback. The Brand Task Force provided a framework and criteria for the Friends & Enemies (F&E) agency, which created the new digitally-animated logo and colour scheme.

Art Windsor Essex logo. Image provided by Art Windsor-Essex. Art Windsor Essex logo. Image provided by Art Windsor Essex.

"The new logo is bold and exciting, speaking to the first pillar of our strategic plan, transformation," read the media release. "With gentle curves that are both friendly and accessible, this logo is a living logo which makes it dynamic and ever-changing. The dot in the logo represents a place where conversations are held, where unexpected partnerships are formed, and where change takes place."

The colour scheme uses a bright orange and light pink.

The rebranding is part of the art museum's 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

The art gallery was founded in 1942 as the Willistead Gallery, operating out of Willistead Manor in Olde Walkerville. It was renamed the Art Gallery of Windsor in 1969 and has been headquartered in several locations before its current one, on the site of the former temporary Casino Windsor.

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