Top Thrill Dragster (Photo courtesy of Cedar Point)Top Thrill Dragster (Photo courtesy of Cedar Point)

Cedar Point retiring world's first strata coaster Top Thrill Dragster

After 19 years and 18-million riders, Cedar Point is retiring one of its most famous rollercoasters, Top Thrill Dragster.

It was the world's first strata coaster when it debuted in 2003 with a height of 130 metres.

A strata coaster is a rollercoaster with a height or drop of more than 120 metres.

For two years, it held the title as the world's tallest rollercoaster until Six Flags Grand Adventures opened Kingda Ka in Jackson, New Jersey.  It is 139 metres tall and holds the record to this day.

Cedar Point made its announcement on Twitter on Tuesday.

The park opened in Sandusky, Ohio, a century and a half ago. It boasts 70 rides, including 17 rollercoasters.

According to the Associated Press, a woman was injured a year ago when a small piece of metal flew off the Top Thrill Dragster and struck her in the head.  It's been closed since.

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