Riverside Brewing Co. logo. (Photo courtesy Riverside Brewing Co. on Twitter)Riverside Brewing Co. logo. (Photo courtesy Riverside Brewing Co. on Twitter)

New Brewers Honouring Windsor's History

The Riverside Brewing Co. name is being resurrected in Windsor.

Windsor City Councillor and now Brewery Co-Founder Chris Holt is helping to renovate a space just off Walker Rd., on Edna St., for his new venture.

The name is simply paying homage to the city's brewing past, as the former building still sits on Riverside Dr. E, next to Sandpoint Beach.

"That sign still sits up there, it's almost 100 years now, and it's still advertising for Riverside Brewing Co.," says Holt. "One of my partners and myself did a quick Google search to see if anybody's using the name, then we spoke to our lawyer and everything checked out."

Holt and his fellow brewers plan to honour the past in their beer as well.

"We're just nailing down the recipe on one that is a throwback to what was produced locally with the British North American Brewery as well as Riverside Brewing Co.," he explains. "That's the Cincinnati cream ale."

That brew is expected to be produced alongside a variety of beers made in small batches.

Holt says they're designing and constructing a tap room right now and he hopes to offer a patio space as well when the new Riverside Brewing Co. officially opens for business this summer.

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