(Photo of the egg at Simpson Orchards on Facebook)(Photo of the egg at Simpson Orchards on Facebook)

Mystery over unusual egg solved in Leamington

The mystery behind an egg-ceptionally strange chicken egg in Leamington is finally solved.

Corey Bondy and Jason Adamson knew they had something special when they came across the monstrosity while collecting eggs from their chicken coop at Simpson Orchard earlier this month.

The egg was the size of an apple, at least three times bigger than other eggs the couple usually collect from their flock.

"You could move the egg around. You could feel something inside of it," said Adamson, joining Mornings with Morgan on Windsor's County 95.9 on Thursday morning.

So, the two decided to have a little fun with their discovery and promoted a reveal on the orchard's Facebook page.

When the time came to crack open the mystery, the couple were not disappointed.

"When I cracked the egg, there was another egg inside of it," said Bondy. "There was a yolk and another egg, and then I cracked the second egg, and there was another single yolk in there."

A Russian nesting egg, if you will.

The find is unusual but not unheard of.

Back in March 2018, a farmer in Dawson Creek made a similar discovery, and there are media reports of another egg within an egg found last year in Britain.

According to Backyard Poultry, the phenomenon is called Counter Peristalsis Contraction. It happens when a chicken releases a second oocyte before the first moves through the oviduct, the opening from which a chicken lays its eggs.

The couple is not sure which of their chickens laid the egg.

Simpson Orchards sells its eggs to the public, but there's no guarantee you'll get one for free.

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