Birdwatching boy (Image courtesy of Blacqbook/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images)Birdwatching boy (Image courtesy of Blacqbook/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images)

Birders invited to take part in Wild Ontario Bird Show this May

Birders from across southwestern Ontario are invited to take part in the Wild Ontario Bird Show next month.

The event, Birding at the Big "O" Conservation, is set to take place at the Big "O" Conservation Area, nestled along Highway 77 just outside of Comber, Ontario on Sunday, May 5.

Festivities will start at 10 a.m. with the Wild Ontario Bird Show.

According to Genevieve Champagne, the manager of conservation lands and services for the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority, expert bird handlers will showcase a variety of "majestic birds of prey" up close, offering insights into their natural behaviours and remarkable adaptations.

"Guests are invited to embark on an educational nature walk led by knowledgeable guides," said Champagne. "Wander through the scenic beauty of the Big "O" Conservation Area, where you will learn about local flora and fauna."

The free event will also feature activities for children.

"We are thrilled to host 'Birding at Big 'O' and provide an opportunity for families to connect with nature in a meaningful way", said Champagne. "This event embodies our commitment to environmental education and conservation, and we look forward to welcoming visitors of all ages to explore the beauty of our natural surroundings."

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