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Asbestos Ban Backed By County

The County of Essex is backing the call to ban asbestos in Canada.

Council approved a resolution that will see the county pressure the federal government to bring in a complete ban of the cancer-causing substance in Canada.

President of the Windsor and District Labour Council Brian Hogan says activists across the country are pushing for the ban.

"I think if enough councils, enough citizens push [Prime Minister Justin Trudeau] that things will happen," says Hogan.

The campaign against asbestos has been spearheaded by labour groups across the country for about six months and includes the hashtag #BanAsbestos on Twitter.

Hogan says it's a sad situation to see asbestos still in use in Canada.

"Beyond tragic when you have so many citizens that have died — I've lost relatives — and you're perpetuating it, that's pure ignorance," says Hogan.

Asbestos mining in Canada stopped in 2012 and is no longer exported, but products containing asbestos, including automotive parts, are still imported.

Hogan says Canada is lagging behind on the issue.

"Fifty-six countries now [have banned asbestos] so we're not on the ground floor," says Hogan.

Prime Minister Trudeau says his government has committed to move towards an asbestos ban.

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