Solar Eclipse. (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / solarseven) Solar Eclipse. (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / solarseven)

Scientists On Hand During Eclipse

Scientists from the University of Windsor will be along the city's waterfront with solar telescopes to watch Monday's total solar eclipse.

Faculty from the Physics and the Earth and Environmental Sciences will take questions from the public and help make pinhole cameras to watch the eclipse safely.

They will be at the foot of Askin Ave. near the Windsor Sculpture Park.

No one is advised to look directly at the eclipse because the sun's bright corona can burn your retinas causing blindness.

Volunteers from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will also be there to sell solar-safe eyeglasses.

In the county, the Essex Region Conservation Area is hosting Total Eclipse of the Park at John R. Park Homestead.

Monday's astronomical display will be the first total solar eclipse since 1979. Viewers in Southwestern Ontario won't be able to view the full eclipse. That will only be visible from further south, but the sun will be 80% covered by the moon.

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