Windsor Regional Hospital president and CEO David Musyj. Blackburn News file photo.Windsor Regional Hospital president and CEO David Musyj. Blackburn News file photo.

Zoning Plan Submitted For New Mega-Hospital

The basis for Windsor-Essex's new mega-hospital has been submitted to the City of Windsor.

Windsor Regional Hospital has sent paperwork outlining its zoning submission and secondary plan to build the new acute-care hospital on County Rd. 42 near Windsor Airport. The details were laid out by hospital President and CEO David Musyj at the hospital's board meeting Thursday night.

Musyj says the plan is a requirement to continue the planning process for the new hospital.

"The city's planning department will review it now for 30 days, and then once they've done the review, and any changes they've requested are made, it'll be posted for the public to view," says Musyj.

The application to the city not only requests the zoning required to build the hospital, but also provides a framework for developing the area surrounding the site, which is meant to address the need for supporting and complementary functions to help spur development.

"In order to deal with the 60 acres the hospital is purchasing to accommodate the new acute-care hospital, you have to deal with all the development around it," says Musyj. "It's not only going to be the hospital but what other development is going to be around the hospital in that area?"

The secondary development plan is designed to accommodate potential growth in the years leading up to 2036. It is roughly bounded by County Rd. 42 and the airport to the north, Concession Rd. 8 on the west, County Rd. 17 on the east, and Concession roads 8, 9 and 10 on the south.

After the plan is made public, the city will then schedule public meetings to allow residents to give feedback, though Musyj is adamant that they will not discuss the hospital site itself. He says that decision has been made.

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