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Health Unit Urging Reintroduction Of Fluoride

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is urging local municipalities to reintroduce fluoride into the water after finding declining oral health over the last five years.

In its latest report, the health unit says they are seeing more day surgeries in the community due to cavities, more ER visits and declining oral health in children.

"The number of day surgeries in our community as a result of oral health-related issues, and mind you the majority of the oral health-related issues that we see are a result of cavities, the rate is almost three times than the provincial average," says Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed.

The health unit has requested to report the findings of the report to Windsor City Council and the County of Essex. They will be asking the municipalities to reintroduce fluoride in the water.

Wajid says he is hopeful the councils and the public will review the scientific data provided in this study and others that support fluoride.

In addition to the finding that oral health is on the decline, the report from the health unit also did a community questionnaire. Wajid says he was pleasantly surprised by the results

"We did a community needs assessment. We asked specifically the question of the residents, how do they feel about fluoride in the water and an overwhelming majority, almost four out of five people support fluoridating the water," says Wajid.

Wajid hopes to present the findings to Windsor City Council and the County of Essex this spring.

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