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Ed The Sock is coming to Windsor

If you are a member of Gen X, an old-time favourite is coming to Windsor this March.

Ed The Sock, perhaps the most famous piece of clothing, will perform at Imperial Windsor on Ouellette Avenue March 15. It is part of the puppet's cross-country "War on Stupid" tour.

The special performance is being promoted by the now-defunct Higher Limits cannabis lounge in downtown Windsor.

A release from Higher Limits read, "Ed has returned to fight the War on Stupid, turning his surgical wit on 'Fake News', outrage culture and North America's growing love affair with idiocy."

The show will also feature old video clips of Ed's interviews with celebrities and classic MuchMusic moments.

Ed The Sock was on MuchMusic from 1994 to 2008, Ed's Night Party, and later Ed & Red's Night Party.

"Bringing a Canadian icon to Windsor is a pleasure, especially when it's Ed The Sock while we're in the most tumultuous of political times," said Higher Limits former co-owner Jon Liedtke. "With Ford Nation and Trump, social justice warriors and snowflakes, and an era of internet outrage and safe spaces, Ed the Sock is going to rip it all apart in a quest to expose the stupidity of it all."

Higher Limits closed its doors at the end of December after changes were announced to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. During its three years in operation, Liedtke said more than 125,000 patrons had been welcomed through the cannabis lounge's doors.

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