Fluoride in Tecumseh's water may spark lawsuit

The Town of Tecumseh has approved adding fluoride to its drinking water.

Tecumseh Councillor Andrew Dowie tweeted Tuesday night that all members of Tecumseh Council present at their meeting supported the reintroduction of fluoride. He said Councillor Tanya Jobin advised in advance that she opposed restoring fluoride.

"The majority of feedback received from Tecumseh residents was in favour of fluoride," said Dowie. "I have received significant feedback in opposition from non-residents that outnumbers resident feedback."

Tecumseh gets its drinking water from Windsor and Windsor councillors voted 8-3 in December to bring fluoride back, five years after it decided to remove it.

Dowie added that Tecumseh's treasurer advised council that there will not be an added cost for fluoride for the remaining eight years of the agreement with the City of Windsor.

Enwin's vice president of water operations, Garry Rossi, said it is expected to take 12 to 18 months to reintroduce fluoride at a cost of $850,000. He added the cost for chemicals and maintaining the system will be $150,000 each year.

Dowie also said a Windsor resident disrupted the meeting to advise council of his objection to the fluoride decision and that he will pursue legal action. A Tecumseh constituent also advised his councillor of their plan to seek legal action against any members of council that support fluoridation.

LaSalle, which also gets its drinking water from Windsor, doesn't have to vote because the other two councils have voted in favour, and the majority rules.

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