Photo via Mei ElhusainiPhoto via Mei Elhusaini

Vandalism being investigated as hate crime

Police in Windsor are investigating an alleged hate crime.

According to police, they responded to a call for property damage near the corner of Parent Avenue at Assumption Street on Tuesday. It was reported that a white Cadillac SUV had been parked at the intersection on Monday and when the complainant returned to the vehicle the following morning, they discovered the vehicle had been vandalized.

Officers confirmed that the vehicle had an extensive amount of damage, including a large dent to the driver's door, door handles glued shut, scratched down the side of the vehicles, two flat tires, and black spray paint along the vehicle containing wording and symbols (shown above) which caused the case to be classified as a hate crime.

Investigators are asking for information from anyone who may have information in regards to this incident.

"Our community prides itself on our diversity. It is one of our valued strengths that we all celebrate each and every day," Windsor police said in a statement. "A strong community response to this type of crime will send a message to the perpetrators, members and supporters of hate that our community will not tolerate such crimes."

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