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U of W seeks participants in anxiety app study

A psychology professor at the University of Windsor is looking at the effectiveness of an app designed to help people cope with anxiety.

The study will examine the app MindShift, a free tool from Anxiety Canada that has been available for several years. The app, according to a media release from the university, is "based on cognitive behavioural therapy, a psycho-social intervention that helps people challenge unhelpful cognitive beliefs and behaviours, improve emotional regulation, and develop coping strategies."

Anxiety Canada has provided a grant to Dr. Lance Rappaport at U of W to fund the study.

"We want to see how often people use the app," said Rappaport. "It’s a matter of practising skills so they are there when you need them. We want to see how distressed people are initially and how distress changes as they use the app."

The study goes on for a total of 16 weeks. Participants are asked to view a video describing how MindShift works before they use it over the 16-week period. During that time, Rappaport and his team will conduct a baseline anxiety assessment for each person, plus five follow-up assessments throughout the course.

Rappaport is looking for anyone 18 or older who experiences anxiety. Participants must live in either Canada or the United States, and have access to an iOS or Android smartphone or mobile device with internet capability. Candidates must also be proficient in English as written study questionnaires must be completed.

Compensation per person is up to $95 in Amazon gift cards.

To learn more about the study and how to become a participant, visit the study page provided on Anxiety Canada's website.

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