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Anti-fluoride group wants Windsor council to consider new studies

A new national group is is urging Windsor City Councillors to reconsider their motion to reintroduce fluoride to Windsor's water supply.

Fluoride Free Canada is a newly formed group encouraging law makers to remove fluoride from all drinking water.  According to the group, a new study links fluoride to lower IQ and a higher incident rates of ADHD among children.

"Fluoride has the potential to lower the IQ of children, to increase the symptoms of ADHD, said Paul Connett who is the director of Fluoride Action Network. "I can't believe that they would be persuaded to add this substance to the drinking water."

Connett is referring to a peer reviewed study completed by Christine Till professor from York University.

Flouoride was first removed from Windsor's water supply in 2013 after a lengthy debate among councillors at the time. They voted to remove fluoride and reconsider the issue after five years.

In 2019, after another lengthy debate, councillors voted to reintroduce the additive to the water supply.

According to the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, the plan to reintroduce fluoride to drinking water was key to improving dental health in the region. While acknowledging that too much fluoride can be harmful, the health unit said that it supported the recommendations made by Health Canada, with an optimum concentration of fluoride in water at 0.7 milligrams per litre, half the concentration permissible by federal health officials.

The Windsor Utilities Commission indicated fluoride is expected to be added to the drinking water again by the end of 2021.

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