(BlackburnNews.com file photo by Adelle Loiselle.)(BlackburnNews.com file photo by Adelle Loiselle.)

Video Prompts Dog Park Advice

The executive director of the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society says she's received many complaints about the safety of pets at dog parks.

BlackburnNews.com contacted Melanie Coulter following the release of a viral video taken at a Windsor dog park that shows two large black dogs with a smaller dog that seems to be uncomfortable. The smaller dog's owner, Matt Clingan, took the video that he says shows the larger dogs attacked "Chase," who is clearly frightened in the video but not hurt.

Coulter has seen the video, but says it's not clear if the smaller dog was being attacked. However, she does offer up some advice to people bringing their pets to dog parks. "You need to make sure you don't go to a park unless you have your dog under voice control," she says. "You need to make sure your dog is going to listen to you if there's a problem."

If the dog plays rough or is skittish around other dogs, she suggests going at a time when it won't be busy. And if there is a confrontation between dogs at the park, don't be afraid to leave.

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