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Tecumseh to debate whether to re-introduce fluoride to drinking water

If you plan to go to Tecumseh Town Council to hear the debate on whether to re-introduce fluoride into the drinking water supply, be warned -- it could be a long night.

There are 27 delegates, both for and against fluoridating the water on Tuesday night's agenda.  There are another 110 communications.

Last month, Windsor City Council voted to reintroduce it by a vote of 8-3, but it will not go ahead unless either LaSalle or Tecumseh also agrees to bring back fluoride.

At the time, the mayors of those two towns appeared to be split. LaSalle Mayor, Marc Bondy said he was not in favour of bringing it back, while not too surprisingly, Tecumseh's Gary McNamara was. McNamara is the chair of the Windsor Essex County Health Unit board of directors which opposed removing fluoride in the first place.

The latest study by the health unit revealed a 51 per cent increase in cavities among children since fluoride was removed, while a second study said 56 per cent of adults living in the City of Windsor did not have access to regular dental care.

One of the delegates scheduled to speak before Tecumseh Town Council is Windsor City Councillor, Rino Bortolin who argued in favour of fluoride last month saying it was a social justice issue.

Just ahead of the debate, there will be a news conference at Tecumseh Town Hall to rebut the study done by the health unit. Richard Street. Denis plans to reveal the results of a paper called "Closer Look".

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