Photo courtesy of the University of Windsor.Photo courtesy of the University of Windsor.

U of W joining national freshwater research network

The University of Windsor has received funding to support its leadership of a Great Lakes research group.

The school will receive $1.77-million for the Real-Time Aquatic Ecosystem Observation Network (RAEON).

U of W's share of the money comes from CFI’s Major Science Initiatives Award of $15.25-million, to create a freshwater observational research network called the Global Water Futures Observatories (GWFO).

Windsor will be one of nine universities across GWFO that will create the largest freshwater observational research network in Canada and one of the largest in the world. The University of Saskatchewan is the lead institution.

"We came to RAEON to be part of this proposal because of its leadership in Great Lakes research," said John Pomeroy, Distinguished Professor and Director of Global Water Futures Observatories at the University of Saskatchewan. "REAON is well positioned to provide critical infrastructure and expertise to ensure water security by measuring the aquatic health of our lakes for all Canadians."

RAEON has been at the forefront of providing scholars with access to instruments that provide real-time and continuous data from aquatic ecosystems and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, data management, and technical expertise.

The grant will provide funding for RAEON to use for research through 2029.

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