Pelee Island Winery in Kingsville. Photo courtesy Pelee Island Winery official website.Pelee Island Winery in Kingsville. Photo courtesy Pelee Island Winery official website.

Pelee Island Winery employees join Unifor

A popular Kingsville winery has joined other beverage producers in becoming unionized.

Unifor announced on Tuesday that employees at Pelee Island Winery have joined its ranks.

"This group worked extremely hard for the right outcome, and I congratulate them on this much-needed victory," said Unifor Director of Organizing Justin Gniposky. "These workers joined a long tradition of organized alcohol manufacturers in Windsor-Essex County. The more momentum we have in this sector, the more solidarity we can build."

There will be two bargaining units. One is for those working in Kingsville on the bottling line, in the office, and in maintenance. The other is for those working in sales.

National President Lana Payne said winery employees voted in late March to unionize following concerns about workplace conditions.

"The best way to improve your workplace is to organize," said Payne. "We are thrilled that these brave and dedicated winery workers have chosen our union to stand by them and fight for them for good jobs, fair wages, and respect."

According to Unifor, Pelee Island Winery has joined Diageo in Amherstburg, and Hiram Walker and Sons Ltd. in Windsor, as unionized producers of alcoholic beverages. Diageo is part of Local 200, and Hiram Walker is with Local 2027.

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