(Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Novic)(Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Novic)

Opioid-related emergency room visits up again in Windsor-Essex

Emergency departments across Windsor-Essex have reported another increase in opioid-related visits.

The Windsor-Essex Community Opioid and Substance Strategy (WECOSS) reported on Monday that 18 opioid-related emergency department visits were reported between Sunday, June 16, and Saturday, June 22.

Of those 18 cases, 13 involved fentanyl.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit tracks the number of overdoses in partnership with dozens of agencies and groups in the region, including Windsor police, LaSalle police, the OPP, the City of Windsor, Essex-Windsor EMS, and others.

WECOSS has provided safety tips for those who use opioids, including a suggestion to not use alone, and not at the same time as someone they may be with. Users should not mix substances, and if something does not feel right, to call 911 immediately.

Complete information can be found on WECOSS' official website.

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