File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / vetdoctor)File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / vetdoctor)

McGregor Health Clinic Needs Funding

If the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care or the Erie St.Clair Local Health Integration Network doesn't come through with funding, there are fears a much-needed health clinic in McGregor will close.

The Harrow Family Health Team has been operating and funding a nurse practitioner at the clinic in McGregor, but officials there say the status quo isn't sustainable. It's asked the province for funding but still hasn't heard back from the Ministry.

It has the support of town council in Essex which is writing up a letter requesting funding from both bodies in hopes of rescuing the service that runs out of funding on March 31, 2016. Essex Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche says the letter includes a request for a response in three weeks.

"Hopefully, one of those two organizations can come up with operating funds that would include an administrator to greet patients when they come in (and) keep the records up to date," he says. "So, the nurse practitioner can actually spend her time administering medical care to the patients."

The Harrow Family Health Team has also asked the Town of Amherstburg for its support.

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