Windsor Pizza Co. opens in Calgary, Alberta. (Photo courtesy Skye Croft‎/Facebook)Windsor Pizza Co. opens in Calgary, Alberta. (Photo courtesy Skye Croft‎/Facebook)

Windsor Pizza Shop Opens In Calgary

A group of Windsor entrepreneurs think the city's pizza is so delicious they opened up shop in Calgary, Alberta named after the Rose City.

Windsor Pizza Co. has been open for less than a week. With no advertising Co-owner Carly Labadie says the shop has been really busy.

"It's going really well. Way busier than we expected," she says. "We were kind of hoping for just a soft run and we were definitely really pleased with the turnout."

On Friday they were forced to close for the weekend because they wanted to be prepared for the increased demand.

As for their recipe, Labadie says a lot of research went into it.

"We just played around with it and made lots and lots and lots of dough. Some worked, some didn't," she says. "We finally found one that clicked and it has the same idea of Windsor -- the same crunch, fluffiness, thickness -- all that."

But crust isn't everything. Labadie says shredded pepperoni is also a Windsor thing.

They even have their own Windsor BBQ sauce and if all goes well they plan to open up more locations using the same name.

For now, the four owners operate one shop in a southeast industrial area of Calgary. The group was already living there before deciding to open the shop. Most of them have experience working at pizza places in Windsor.

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