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Fill up now if you're travelling this long weekend

This Labour Day weekend is expected to be a busy one on the roads as Canadians take advantage of the last long weekend of the summer, and if you are travelling, you might want to fill up the tank now. predicts a jump in the price of gas.

"The price of oil has perked up a little bit, so we might get a slight bump up at some stations," said Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHann. "But overall, prices are quite a bit lower than what they were last year."

DeHann told Canadians have been enjoying a slide in gas prices over the past five weeks, but hurricanes to the south of us could change that.

"Like we saw two years ago, a major hurricane struck in the United States, some of the key refineries in the Houston area. That shut down a significant portion of gasoline production. When you see such a major hurricane have such a disruption on the supply, it tends to have an impact on prices."

On average, gas prices have been down around 12 cents a litre this summer compared to last, and Southwestern Ontario often enjoys prices a little below the national average.

As of Thursday morning, gas prices in Windsor-Essex range from 109.6 cents to 139.9 cents a litre. In Chatham Kent, they range from 112.6 cents to 115.9 cents a litre, and in London, it is from 110.9 cents to 118.9 cents a litre.

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