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Windsor takeout delivery platform to support more charities in 2022

A local takeout delivery service is extending its platform to support more charities and non-profit organizations throughout the region.

Jubzi, a Windsor-based online ordering application was designed to address hunger and homelessness in the community, while also being a cheaper delivery option for local restaurants.

Co-owner of Sofo’s Greek Restaurant and Jubzi Thanos Zikantas said the service does not charge restaurants anything for processing orders. However, in exchange, the platform requires restaurants to donate five per cent of their Jubzi sales to support Windsor's Downtown Mission.

There are approximately 150 restaurants in Windsor-Essex that have joined the Jubzi platform.

"When an order is placed,  five per cent of the food’s subtotal is donated back to a local food bank," said Zikantas in a release. "The company has donated almost $50,000 to the Windsor Downtown Mission."

After a successful first year, Zikantas said the company has made a decision to increase its impact footprint by collaborating with more charities and non-profit organizations.

“Our company’s mission was to address the heart of our community, which is hunger," said Zikantas. "We decided to add an additional five per cent donation, which will be given to the charity of the user’s choice.  We sent out an email to 150 charities a few weeks ago telling them about our new initiative and we were delighted to receive nearly 100 responses from them."

This year, Jubzi will add one local charity onto its platform each week.  When a customer uses their charity code, the organization will receive five per cent from the order's subtotal. The code will be active year-round.

The first organization that has been selected to join is W.E Care For Kids, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for local pediatric programs throughout Windsor-Essex.

“W.E. Care for Kids is thrilled to be the first charity to join the Jubzi family,” said W.E Care for Kids Foundation Operations Manager Ashely Weeres. "This platform has already done so much to support our community and we are thankful to have been selected as one of the many new charities that will benefit from Jubzi’s support."

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