Brent Campbell, Alicia Guthrie and Joel Campbell. Photo taken by Lynette BrownBrent Campbell, Alicia Guthrie and Joel Campbell. Photo taken by Lynette Brown

Parole board denies wife killer's ask for temporary absences

The Parole Board of Canada has denied Donald Wayne Campbell's request for unescorted temporary absences.

Campbell, 71, was convicted of first degree murder in the January 1998 death of his wife, 45-year-old Fenny Campbell, and sentenced to life in prison with eligibility for full parole after 25 years.

A hearing was held Wednesday morning to consider the convicted killer's request for three separate 72 hour absences, plus travel time.

Fenny's youngest brother Peter delivered one of seven victim impact statements. He said the parole hearings, three in two years, have felt as though they're going through the trauma of the murder all over again.

"As a family we hurt tremendously, but we can't even fully express it and know how it will hit us next, it's awful," he said.

Fenny's sister Rita told the parole board that his victims continue to be victimized by Don Campbell because he isn't getting his way.

"Don is being allowed to victimize us over and over again," she said. "He is only concerned for his wellbeing. He wants the freedom to do whatever he wants and to get on with his life as if nothing happened. We as victims have been so hurt by him. He killed my only sister 26 years ago and I am wounded for life."

Don's son Joel, who was 18-years-old at the time of his mother's killing, provided a recorded statement to the parole board and said his father's request for yet another hearing has revictimized him.

"Since the last hearing I attended in May of 2023 I have continued to be," said Joel. "As I have stated he remains the cold, malice, unrepentant, unchanged man he has been for the last 26 years. Since he brutally murdered my mother, the pain of that moment will never go away and he is the soul causing it. That has not changed."

Joel's sister Alicia said she will continue to fight for justice for her mother Fenny and her legacy.

"I will fight for her every day that I have breath in my lungs," said Alicia. "I am however choosing to do something that Don Campbell has never done a day in his life, that is put his family first. He has never done that. He never once considered anyone but himself.....I will not stop presenting at these hearings. I will not stop attending. I will continue as it matters and it's a part of my life, but it's only part. With God's strength and his help, what Don has done and continues to do will not be my focus and take over my life."

A parole officer told the board that although Campbell continues to deny responsibility for his offence, risk indicators and professional assessments suggest that his risk is manageable.

"Mister Campbell's unremarkable behaviour during his last years community ETAs (Escorted Temporary Absences) further suggest that his risk is indeed manageable within the structure of the proposed UTA (Unescorted Temporary Absences) plans," she said.

Following the over four hour-long hearing, the parole board said it had decided not to authorize this package of UTAs.

It said they continue to have concerns about transparency and accountability which leads to questions around risk.

Last summer, the Parole Board of Canada denied his request for both unescorted temporary absences and day parole.

Campbell was also denied a request for early parole in 2018.

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