(File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / AlphaBaby)(File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / AlphaBaby)

Lot 10 wants to serve beer by the glass

The Town of Amherstburg will be asked to support a bid by one of its local brewers to sell beer by the glass.

Lot 10 Brewing Company has applied for a manufacturer's limited liquor sales license. If the Alcohol and Gaming Commission approves it, it means patrons will be able to sip a beer at the brewery instead of having to take it home first.

One of the requirements of the license is to get the municipalities support. A report to town council Monday night recommends councillors support the application.

Under the legislation, municipalities are allowed to express their support on a case by case basis or offer a blanket resolution to cover any brewery, distillery, or winery support. The town's administration is also asking the council to consider passing a resolution that will include all applications in the future.

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