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Family healthcare group to team up with Windsor-Essex pharmacy

A platform that promotes healthy living for families will work with a Windsor-area pharmacy to expand access to healthcare.

Starting Wednesday, Treehouse, a technology platform that serves as a digital hub for maternal and family medicine, will team up with LaSalle-based HealthFirst Pharmacy Group.

The pharmacy will refer individuals and families to the Treehouse platform, putting them in touch with healthcare professionals offering specific services.

"We need to highlight access to care for young families and pregnant persons," read a media release from Treehouse. "We aim to increase access to maternal and family healthcare by 25 per cent within the next six months. This commitment reflects the dedication to addressing the pressing healthcare disparities faced by patients and families seeking maternal and family care in the Windsor area."

Patients may also set up individual accounts on the Treehouse platform.

Treehouse cited a survey reported by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), which said that according to Stats Canada, 4.6-million Canadians did not have regular access to a family doctor in 2019.

A CMA-Angus Reid survey in August of this year, reported by Global News, showed that one in five Canadians don't have a primary care physician. For those who do have one, the survey said that 29 per cent of those interviewed had trouble getting an appointment.

Complete information about Treehouse can be found on its official website.

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