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St. Anne Church Steeple Finally Going Up

Christmas in Tecumseh will be a little brighter this year.

Mayor Gary McNamara says the church steeple at St. Anne will finally be up by the end of the year.

The steeple has been sitting in front of the church for several years.

McNamara says Tecumseh and Lesperance is a very important gateway.

"The steeple is going up. It's under repair right now and they also benefitted from a $15,000 grant for a facade rehabilitation of the church," says McNamara.

Other church renovations are also underway.

Mayor McNamara thanks Al Quesnel, who provided the majority of the funding for the project.

McNamara says St. Anne Church is very prominent and deserves some love.

"That's great news for the community because that's the oldest building standing in our community. It was built in 1873," McNamara says.

McNamara says everyone is looking forward to having the shiny town beacon return.

"By the end of the year it's going to have a completely brand new fresh look to the church and we're extremely pleased," says the mayor.

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