The 519 Podcast presents: The Haunting of the Park House Museum

If you visit a place that people tell you is haunted, you might build the experience up in your mind. But, usually, when you arrive it’s a big letdown.

That’s because paranormal happenings are rarely predictable, and the same things never seem to happen twice. You might feel a chill that raises the hair on the back of your neck, or hear the creaking of old floorboards and the grumbling of old pipes. But only now and then, does someone claim to have seen a ghost, and rarely is that ghost ever caught on camera. Ghost sounds being captured are few and far in between, and objects moving on their own are not often seen either.

However, these things all happen in the oldest building in Essex County. At the Park House Museum, you can count on it, in fact.

On this episode of the 519 Podcast, we look at the Haunting of the Park House Museum.

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